Established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1969, Campbell and Associates serves national and international clients across a broad range of industries, and both private business and government sectors.

Campbell and Associates is now headquartered in Blue Ridge, a northern exurb of Atlanta. The advent of high speed computer, telecom and internet services allows us to enjoy the North Georgia mountains, while avoiding countless hours caught in traffic grid lock, wasting precious fuel. Simply stated, our new campus environment gives us more time to think and not just do.

Campbell and Associates appraises a wide variety of equipment from lo- tech to hi-tech. Give us a call at 706.632.8076. We are available 24/7.

A simple conversation with one of our consultants at the beginning of an appraisal assignment can often times save our clients much time and wasted money in arriving at their desired goals. While an M&E appraisal is conducted using the same methodology as real estate appraisal, there are many subtle and distinct differences.